Financial literacy is not complete with a business school degree or the apprenticeship on the trading floor. Even leading market participants need to stay current with new developments in markets and financings.
At its most basic, financial literacy is the talent for using knowledge to manage and grow your financial resources. This understanding goes beyond economic and business knowledge. A key to strong financial literacy is daily reading of the major media and opinion to understand the political currents and global (and local) forces at play.
This website will offer different themes for developing aspects of financial literacy in deeper ways — including primers on interest rates and central bank policy; economic theories; popular investment strategies, and the thinking behind them.
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Tom Kutzen has more than thirty years experience in the financial markets working across many markets working with all types of participant investors and many luminaries of the financial world. Tom is now sharing his years of experience in the capital markets with individuals and organizations outside the financial services industry in order to help them develop the skills necessary to further their own financial education, financial literacy and economic success. The information in TKSmartworth will cover categories ranging from Volatility; Economic Growth, Trade & Inflation; Equities; Bonds; Currencies; Derivatives; Participants; Central Bank Policy; and more.